Making knife sheath fittings, part 2.

Here is a short explanation how to make the smaller, grooved fittings. 1, First, cut strips from sheath. My fittings are about 10 mm wide and each strip is about 300 mm long.

2, I use a small chisel with a blunted edge to make the grooves. First I make the groove in the middle and then each side to get a symmetrical look. It is quite tricky to get a uniform and straight groove so take it slow and easy.

3, This is what it should look like after.

4, Now, take the piece of brass and some piping. The correct diameter of the pipe should be slightly smaller than the thickness of the leather sheath. Carefully bend the fittings downwards over the pipe using both thumbs and a firm grip. Look out so the edges line up correctly.

5, This is the finshed fitting. Now, it will be filed, polished, drilled and mounted on the leather.


  1. Det var stora hjälpa för mig!Tack sa mycket!

  2. thanks for sharing!! thanks a lot, hope to see maybe a video soon! ciao greetings from italy! :)