Viking age knife with sheath

Just finished up this viking age knife with sheath for a customer in USA.
Knife handle in black locust (Robinia pseudoacacia) with brass bolsters and draw ring. Full flat ground blade from Aage Fredrikssen. Full grain vegetable-tanned leather sheath in cuir bouilli. One point suspension with cast brass ring, chain and strap divider. Sheath mounts in brass with stamped pattern. Vertical bands on the upper part together with step shaped filings with tinned copper underlay. All brass rivets.
I hope you like it!

Tarsoly from Birka

Here is my interpretation of the tarsoly from Björkö grave Bj 93B.

The tarsoly is made from vegetable-tanned leather and wool, hand sewed with waxed linen thread and silk. The bronze mounts are from Max at Kvalitativt Krigsbyte, highly recommended!

Anne-Sofie Gräslund call these bags type 3A in Birka II:I. Gräslund wrote that the inner bag was constructed from dark reddish brown coarse wool (5 threads/cm). I've sewn the bag with silk thread in a hand wowen madder dyed tabby weave. The locking bridge is a unusually enough made in iron, a detail I've kept on the reconstruction. It might have been mended or replaced during the life of the tarsoly. The locking bridge is riveted through the cloth and mounted to a leather backing for stability. The original find has traces from a drawstring at the top so I made one as well.
I hope you like it!

Birka grave 93 published on Historiska museet:
Inger Zachrisson, "Väskan från Röstahammaren i Ås och gravfältets etniska tillhörighet"

Viking age lamellar belt from Hablingbo

Just finished up this lamellar belt for a customer here in Sweden!

This belt is constructed from brass sheath metal on a leather strap. The belt got a buckle with buckle plate, strap divider with a cast ring, strap end mount and a total of 92 lamellar mounts. The lamellar mounts are abut 14x6 mm and attached with two rivets each. I used a total of 210 brass rivets mount everything to the leather.

The belt is inspired by a belt from Hablingbo parish (Havor (SHM 7582) on Gotland. Found from the original are a buckle, a strap divider and some lamellar still attached to leather fragments.

This was a great project working on, I hope you like it!

Two very fancy dog collars

Two very fancy dog collars in thick veg tanned full grain leather with bronze buckle, mounts and strap ends. A very fun project in a "historical fantasy" kind of way. Mounts are modelled after finds from Chernigov in northern Ukraine. Buckle plate, leash mounts and strap end are made from brass plate.

I hope you (and the labrador and the flat-coated retriever) like it!