Little seax


Just a simple little seax with spruce burl handle and horn bolster! Brass butt plate and draw ring. Full flat ground blade in 1060. This little knife is up for grabs.


Just finished up these two viking knives with sheaths for a film production!

Both have wooden handles in bok oak and curly birch respectively. Brass bolsters and draw rings. Full flat ground pattern welded blades in 15N20/1095. Full grain vegetable-tanned cuir bouilli leather sheaths with some simple incised line patterns. One point suspensions. Sheath mounts in brass with stamped patterns. Vertical bands on the upper part together with step shaped filings with tinned copper underlay.

I hope you like them!


Scandinavian style seax with scabbard

Just finished this Scandinavian style seax! Knife handle in actual 10th century old bok oak from Sweden provided by the customer. Pattern welded blade and brass bolster and draw ring. Wet moulded full grain leather sheath with simple incised line pattern and hand made brass mounts. Two point suspension, brass rivets. Step-shaped file work with tinned copper inlay.

I hope you like it!


Lamellar belt from Hablingbo parish (Havor (SHM 7582)

Just finished this belt for a gentleman in southeastern France!

Gotland style lamellar belt inspired by a find from Hablingbo parish (Havor (SHM 7582). Cast buckle with buckle plate, strap divider with a cast ring, strap end mount and one hundred lamellar mounts. The lamellar are abut 20x8 mm and attached with two brass rivets each. Dark red full grain leather strap with polished edges. Small extra buckle attached from the strap divider for attaching a coin purse.

I hope you like it!


Chefs knife

I'm taking a small break from the viking stuff and finishing up some chefs knives as a palate cleanser! Stabilized birch burl and brass tubular rivets.


Two Scandinavian style seaxes!

I have been working on these two seaxes for a long time and I'm very proud they are finally finished! These seaxes are inspired of the long war knives found on Gotland and Birka. Both knives was ordered by the same client and was going to be different but in the same style.

Gotland style war knife with some fantastic laminated blades from George Ezell. Bronze fittings on cuir bouilli vegetable tanned leather with simple incised patterns. Bronze rivets. Step shaped filings with a tinned bronze underlay, vertical bands around the upper part. Sheath is treated with beeswax and beech tar. One three point and one two point suspension.

Handles in some great looking birch and elk horn with bronze draw ring and bolster.

I hope you like them as much as me!