Viking belts.

Two more viking belts. Handmade buckle with strap plate, strap divider and strap end in brass, brass rivets. The open loop style strap end is very common on Gotland.


Fibula viking knife with sheath.

Fibula viking knife with sheath. Brass fittings on cuir bouilli treated vegetable tanned leather, brass rivets. Step shaped filings with underlay in tinned bronze. Knife handle in sallow root with brass draw ring and bolsters. Chain for suspension. Blade in 80crV2.


Gotland style war knife

Gotland style war knife with pattern welded blade and sheath. Bronze fittings on vegetable tanned leather, bronze rivets. Step shaped filings with underlay in tinned bronze, vertical mounts around the upper part. Sheath is treated with beeswax and beech tar. Three point suspension. Pattern welded blade in 15N20/1060.
Handle is curly birch with bronze draw ring and bolster.


Viking belt from Birka Bj716

Just finished with this high status belt from Birka! This is my interpretation of the belt found in Birka grave Bj716. Full grain leather strap with polished edges and a eastern style hidden strap for closing the belt. Leather is dyed a deep dark red with 52 mirror polished strap mounts in bronze, buckle and two strap ends.

I'm very happy with how turned out, I hope you like it!