Viking knife in black leather.

Finally finished this piece for a gentlemen in southern Norway! Viking knife in black leather. Pattern welded blade in 15N20/1095 with wire wrap bog oak handle and brass bolsters with draw ring. Black leather sheath with incised spiral and box pattern and brass fittings. Step shaped filings with tin underlay. Brass rivets. Chain suspension for a belt divider.

I'm really happy how this turned out. Hope you like it!


Viking fibula knife with blue leather sheath

Dark blue leather sheath with incised pattern and brass fittings. Birch burl handle, carbon steel blade with forced patina. Brass bolsters and draw ring. 170 mm, blade length 75 mm.

For sale. 1600 SEK/180€ + P&P.


Viking knife with green leather sheath.

Viking knife with green leather sheath. Distressed carbon steel blade with valnut handle with brass wire wrap. Green leather sheath with incised line pattern and polished brass fittings. Draw ring and one point suspension.

For sale. 2300 SEK/250€ + P&P.

Simple sheath for Fällkniven F1.

Simple sheath for Fällkniven F1 in tan leather. Removable dangler and brass hardware.

Fällkniven S1

Just finished with a sheath for a Fällkniven S1 with pouch for sharpening stone and fire steel. Chocolate brown leather, hand sewed with nylon thread and brass hardware.

Bushcraft sheath for a Fiskars knife.

Bushcraft sheath for a Fiskars knife. Dark brown waxed leather with retention strap, brass strap ends and brass hardware. Hand sewed with linen thread.

Fällkniven S1

Just finished with this bushcraft sheath for a Fällkniven S1 in brown leather. Hand-sewn with waxed linen thread, straps for vertical and horizontal carry, brass buckles and rivets. Loop for fire steel on the side. Retention strap with snap button.

Swedish lamellar belt

Swedish lamellar belt based on a find from Hablingbo (SHM 7582:32) and Hellvi (SHM 23140:222) on Gotland.

The lamellar plates are rivited on a thin, veg tanned, double folded strap so the edges are covered with the mounts like the original. All fittings are hand made from sheet metal with brass rivets. About 100 pieces all together.

Hope you like it!