Custom leather sheath for a Down Under Knifes "The Outback"

Here is something a quite bit different from what I usually work with. And my first time with a bowie of any kind! Quite different from my usual scandis.

Custom leather sheath for a Down Under Knifes "The Outback". All vegetable-tanned leather and rock solid construction with double sewed welts. Three suspension straps for horizontal carry or for connect to a baldric. Retention strap with buckle and all brass hardware. The whole scabbard is then treated with beeswax and lanolin to give it a water proof and hard wearing surface that will get a nice patina over time.

I got free hands with this as long as it could be worn vertical, horizontal, hooked up to a baldric and be strapped to different kinds of gear.

About as different knife as possible to what I would prefer but still really nice to make a custom sheath that was just what the customer wanted.

Hope you like it! Criticism are of course welcome.