Small viking knife in green.

Another small viking belt knife finished! 

Blade from Thomas Cederroth and flame maple handle with brass bolsters. Deep sheath with curved brass fittings with etched copper inlays. 



Birka style war knife

Just finished one of my all time favourite projects! I'm really happy how this knife and sheath turned out and I'm sure it will be properly cared for all the way over in Canada!

Blunted blade in 51CrV4 for steel fighting and linseed oil treated knotted masur birch handle. The sheath has Birka-style fittings and leather treated with molten beeswax. Three point suspension and polished brass bolsters.

I hope you like it! I will try to get time to make a detailed "making of"-album with all the pictures I've taken during the build. Stay tuned!