A quartet of viking knives with sheaths. Brass bolsters and draw ring. D2-steel blade, full flat grind.

Sheath and fittings are based on several pieces from Gotland with polished brass mounts.

From top to bottom; cherry, ash, walnut and flame maple.

Fancy viking knife with sheath!

Yew handle with brass bolsters and draw ring. Pattern welded blade from Łukasz Szczepański, full flat grind. 

Sheath and fittings are based on a several pieces from Birka (SHM 34000) with step shaped filings, silverplate underlay and two point suspension. Leather is decorated with a cross cut pattern.

More details on my webpage (audhumbla.se) or my facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/Audhumbla.se).

Price 390€ + S&H. Contact me if interested on edvin.sjoberg@audhumbla.com