New knife from Lund

Here is a special type of knife!

The original was found in the neighbourhood Färgaren in the city of Lund. The sheath consists of shaped leather decorated with small silver rivets and a single bronze fitting for suspension to a belt. I believe the original is about 11th century.
Reconstruction was a bit of a challenge because of the rivets. There was nothing to hold the rivet in place except the leather so with that in mind I choose a very hard kind of half tanned raw hind centre leather. This hald tanned leather gave enough stability for the silver wire and made it possible to set the rivets.

This is a quite a different style than the sheaths with full bronze fittings but is still striking in it's simplicity. I really like it.

The knife is made by the customer.

I hope you like it!


  1. what's the size of this magnificent piece?

    1. This project was a while ago but I think the knife was quite small, about 16 cm long in total.