Small women fibula knife

Finally finished this small women fibula knife! Small (25 mm) blade with bone handle and brass bolsters. Baltic style knife sheath with brass mounts and details in silver. Simple line and dot pattern on leather and then hot waxed with beeswax.
This kind of knife is worn together with other tools and self-care utensils from a brooch.
I hope you like it!


Viking knife with walnut handle

Just finished this viking knife with walnut handle with brass wire wrap, brass bolsters and draw ring. Pattern welded blade in 15N20/1095. Total length 305 mm, blade 155 mm. Brown leather sheath with brass mounts and brass rivets. Two point suspension.

Hope you like it!

Viking knife

Just finished up this Gotland-style viking knife for a customer in London. Very happy how this turned out!

Walnut handle with brass wire wrap, brass bolsters and draw ring. Pattern welded blade from the immensely talented bladesmith Karlo Ban from Croatia. Leather sheath with simple crosshatch pattern and brass mounts. Single point suspension, brass rivets. Step shaped file work with copper inlay.

I hope you like it!



A quartet of viking knives with sheaths. Brass bolsters and draw ring. D2-steel blade, full flat grind.

Sheath and fittings are based on several pieces from Gotland with polished brass mounts.

From top to bottom; cherry, ash, walnut and flame maple.

Fancy viking knife with sheath!

Yew handle with brass bolsters and draw ring. Pattern welded blade from Łukasz Szczepański, full flat grind. 

Sheath and fittings are based on a several pieces from Birka (SHM 34000) with step shaped filings, silverplate underlay and two point suspension. Leather is decorated with a cross cut pattern.

More details on my webpage (audhumbla.se) or my facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/Audhumbla.se).

Price 390€ + S&H. Contact me if interested on edvin.sjoberg@audhumbla.com


Matching set

Just finished this matching viking set. Really happy how they turned out!

Belt knife and large war knife with sheaths. 925 sterling silver fittings on vegetable tanned leather, silver rivets. Underlay in polished bronze. Handle is bog oak, moose horn with sterling silver draw ring and bolster. Sheath is treated with beeswax and beech tar.


10th century Magyar-style tarsoly

And finally the last piece finished! 

10th century Magyar-style tarsoly. Dyed full grain vegetable tanned leather with simple incised pattern and a center locking mount. The lid is covered with silk and bronze mounts and the inside of the bag is lined with 80 year old handwoven linen. The edges are covered with natural coloured, hand tanned seal leather.

I hope you like it!


Viking belt with handmade mounts

I spent the better part of twelve hours yesterday finishing this belt! 

49 hand made plate mounts all in brass with copper washers and brass rivets. The belt is red dyed full grain, veg tanned leather. 

This is the last piece in a kit with tarsoly, knife and belt. I will update you with some pictures when it´s all finished! I think it will look amazing together!